Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lauren's haircut, hat, and doll

We're gearing up for a trip to the family reunion and Little Miss is getting excited (about her outfit).

Edit. Upon further consideration I must state that I love this picture. Sometimes little snapshots give you a great glimpse at a person, and this is one of 'em. She's just so little, and cute, and girlie, and she loves her doll and dressing up and smiling for her daddy. Ah, this is a good time of life for all of us.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lauren and Pauline

Sleepover last weekend at Pauline's house. Those girls sure do like to hang out together!

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's an absolutely beautiful day here today... Patrick took the kiddos for a walk after breakfast... lucky ducks.
Last Thursday was the Children's Hospital follow-up appointment, and no murmur was heard. Seems the little man's ticker is doing just fine. And, yesterday he very clearly said "Da-da" though not directly to anything or anyone... but we're working on it.
Lauren spent the weekend with her cousins in Athens, and had a great time. She wasn't too pleased to be home at first, but seems to have acclimated. We're glad she's home. Trevor definitely noticed her absence, and he just glowed when he saw her on Sunday.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We had an exciting 4th of July weekend.

Here's Trevor sporting his festive wear, courtesy of Aunt Ellen and Uncle Dave. No fireworks for us this year, but we did Doo Dah... Trevor fell asleep during the parade. It rained, but Patrick and Lauren stood streetside with umbrellas and ate all the candy. Trev and I had a spot on a lovely porch, courtesy of some new friends--Paul and Amy (I think?). Then we visited the Lynaugh's for a while, and Lauren thoroughly enjoyed playing with the available OPT (other peoples toys).

Trevor had his 6-month appointment last week. He now weighs 19' 13", and is 28" tall. He's more height / weight proportioned now, so doctor lady is happy. He can sit, he can scootch backwards, and just yesterday managed forward motion while up on his hands and knees. Full on crawling is nigh. Still just two teeth--they emerged on 5-29, so we're expecting some top teeth any day now. He continues to babble, squeel, drool and smile a lot.

Tomorrow he goes back to Children's for a follow-up listen to his little ticker. Wee dude has a heart murmur, but his doctor barely heard it last week. Tomorrow's appt. is with a heart specialist... so we'll see (or hear rather).

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

calling on nannies

Dear Ms. Poppins,
Patrick is hoping you will have an opportunity to visit today to play with the children. He is very tired, and believes you the most practically perfect person available to entertain and care for our lovely children.
Lauren particulary enjoys playing dollhouse and can be entertained easily if you permit her a computer turn. Trevor enjoys bouncing, smiling and drooling.
Please call soon to let us know your availability. If Lauren answers, than Patrick is most likely asleep on the couch and Trevor is upstairs waiting for someone to get him up from his nap.
We have chalk, a great love for laughing, but no kite.