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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trevor's UN-Birthday Party

Because trevor was sick on his birthday (which is entirely too close to Christmas), we decided to have an UN-Birthday Party for him last weekend. Good times. You'll notice a recurring theme during the summer of Trevor+water=happy.

Lauren Rocks

Lauren and I were rocking out on Guitar hero the other day, and Beth ran for the camera. I cropped some pretty rock and roll poses from the girl.

Daddy and Trevor and Nana at the Pool

Pics from a hot summer night

Patrick worked last night, after a two month dry spell at the hotel where he bartends... so we played outside until it was just too darn hot. It was still in the upper 80's after dinner.
She scoots!
He drives!
Good times.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Barn Painting party/Grandpa Birthday

Trevor may have gotten more paint on himself, than on the barn, but lately he's really wanted to "hep, hep". So when he asks to "hep" what are you gonna do? And, we have this lovely tool affectionately called the "weanie roller" that Lauren used like a pro to paint the sides!
The finished product!
Happy Birthday Dad! Here's a good portion of the clan--enjoying pulled pork, corn, and all sorts of goodness. Trever really likes eating corn on the cob. And saying "chee" when the camera comes out.

Trevor with Uncle Dan. Trevor can say "Matt" but hasn't yet mastered "Dan". We'll work on him.

Lauren new bike thing

I've hacked into Patrick's account to add some commentary. Sorry honey. I borrowed this Trail-a-Bike from a co-worker, as I didn't want to buy one unless I knew if she'd like it. What do you think? But, we get to use this one for the summer... and hopefully by next summer she'll be on her own.

Cute kid archive

Trevor's first ear of corn. Sometimes we set up a folding table in the yard for dinner, 'cause it's just so nice to be outside. I think we all enjoy it.
Upon discovering his ability to perform this daring feat--Trevor pointed at daddy's pocket and said, "Chee". He wanted his picture taken. Our kids are both hams... but adorable ones at least.
Again with the 'Chee'. He loves to swing, but doesn't want to be pushed. If you try to push the swing, he'll gesture at you to move your hand while saying, "No, no, no". Little man wants to do it all by himself.
Dude LOVES water. We used to only bathe him every other night... but lately it's been a daily occurance. We also have to change his clothes significantly more frequently. He loves to help in the garden, and will actually water the plants if they're pointed out to him. But, inevitably he will douse himself.
Lauren is doing amazingly well. She can read just about any of the books on her bookshelf, and it's not just from memory. But, when she gets tired, mommy or daddy have to take over. She's continuing to be the best big sister, and really enjoys playing the piano. Probably have to get her some lessons sometime soon...
Trevor discovers windy slides. They are a big hit.
These kids sure love to splash in that little pool. We got them a small fountain sprinkler over the weekend, and they love it.

With this one Trevor kept saying 'mommy, mommy, mommy' and waving Patrick away when he tried to take Trevor's picture. So I leaned in with him and we got his little smile... I guess he really wanted daddy to take a picture of him with mommy.

Lauren Soccer last game

Soccer was a success. Lauren scored the first goal of the season for the team, and had a lot of fun. It's hilarious to watch 5 year olds play soccer. I highly recommend checking it out next time you're at a park on a spring saturday.