Monday, November 30, 2009

Death Apple

Not that we needed excuses to ignore our blog, but our Apple Powermac G5 took a dump and went to the silicon valley in the sky a couple of weeks ago. Our first Intel Mac has arrived, and it's a brute! The Apple Mac Pro has taken up residence here in the makeshift office of our home, where it will undoubtably be put to use churning out important photoshop images such as this one:

and neat-o keen videos like the one HERE.

Only time will tell.

Mini Vacation: Granville OH

We spenty a night at the Cherry Valley Lodge/Coco Key Indoor Water Park over the weekend. Official review: Hotel is very nice. Service was excellent, and the food was decent. The water park wasn't the greatest, but I guess I'm spoiled by Wyandot Lake/Zoombezi Bay. Fun was had.

Mini-vacation: Newark OH

The Works is a children's Museum and much more in Newark, OH. Lots of fun stuff to do there. They have a glass blowing studio, a woodshop, all kinds of neat experiments and toys, and yet Trevor is drawn to the choo-choos like a moth to a flame. Sweet.

Thanksgiving 2009

I had the camera in my pocket all day on Thursday, yet somehow this is the only set of pictures I actually took. Trevor was perched on Brian as they both watched a movie after dinner. Too adorable.

Hannah's Chuck E Cheese birthday

Chuck E Cheese is a crazy place to have a birthday party. It's so chaotic, it's hard to spend time with anyone. Oh well. We learned that Trevor LOVES air hockey.

Halloween 2009

Trevor's first trick-or-treat was a smashing success. He loves his candy! Lauren had a party at school. Kindergarten is wicked awesome.

Uncle Michael

Uncle Michael made a visit from California. Fun was had, and the kids like to tackle the big guy.

Trevor Fall Leafpile Time

Halloween Fun with GIFs

Trevor, Lauren, and Nina freak out in anticipation of trick-or-treating in Norwood, OH on Oct 31st 2009.

I have no problem admitting that I spent way, WAY too much time on this in Photoshop.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Tooth!

First tooth! She's hoping the toothfairy brings candy... but understands that is unlikely.