Thursday, October 30, 2008


Sunday, our neighborhood civic association and the YMCA sponsored a Halloween Party. Trevor did not know what to make of it all... and they were both HOT. Trevor left early for naptime, but played a few games with daddy.

carving it up

Patrick accompanied Lauren's pre-school on her very first ever field trip today... to a pumpkin farm... they got to pick their own pumpkin to bring home.  So, tonight we carve.  Lauren wanted to carve a vampire... you know, the guys who are really spooky and live in a castle with blood dripping and are really nice (I'm paraphrasing a bit).
Patrick creating the work of art.
I was given the task of making a witch for Trevor... who was already in bed for the night.  I think her nose might be a smidge large.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Well, it's been almost 2 weeks. What can I say? We got the camera back, but haven't hooked it up to the computer yet.

Let's see. Pauline came to visit for another weekend get-a-way... we had fun making Buckeyes. This past weekend we took Lauren and Trevor to the YMCA / Forest Park Civic Association Halloween Party. Lauren wore her unicorn costume, and Trevor was a cow. We have another costume for Friday, but Lauren insisted she didn't want to wear that one to the party... she's holding out for the "real Halloween".

Hopefully we'll actually post pictures soon.
Over all, things are good. Our furnace is currently blowing cold air (or it would be if it were still turned on), so hopefully that will be remedied soon.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

While Patrick's away...

Patrick is out of town... so we've been on our own for 4 days!

Trevor had his 9 months appointment on Wednesday... 22 lbs. 14.5 ozs (75-90%) and 29.5 ins. (90%).  He's an excellent sleeper--usually asleep by 7:30 and up at 7:30 with two naps of varying lengths during the day.  He's doing great!  

Doctor lady asked if he eats table food.... and um, he'd eat the table if we let him.  He typically eats 6-10 ounces of formula at breakfast / lunch / dinner... along with about as much food as Lauren consumes.  This morning he topped off a 7.5 ounce bottle with an entire pancake, 3 strawberries and 1/4 banana.  Lauren ate 2 pancakes, 2 strawberries, and probably about 4 ounces of milk.  At lunch, he ate an entire hotdog, a piece of cheese, part of a piece of bread, 8 grapes, and eventually finished an 8 ounce bottle (took it with us on an outing, and he finished it within the hour).  Lauren ate a hotdog, gave Trevor her cheese, 5 ounces of juice, a pretzel rod, and some grapes.  It's fascinating.... she's 48 lbs. and 44 inches and pretty active.  I don't know where it all goes... little dude's body isn't that big!

Friday we went to the zoo with Francie, Noah, Lucy and their neighbor Avery. Noah and Lauren are exactly the same age, born same day.  Lucy is a few months older the Trevor. Lauren has recently begun telling all that she's going to marry Noah.... however Noah introduced Avery as his "girlfriend"... so we'll see.
This girl LOVES the carousel.
Today we went to the Conservatory with Grandma... no pictures though.  Sorry.  Afterward Trevor enjoyed helping me make cookies... he really enjoyed the clean-up stage. I wasn't sure about the raw egg cookie batter thing... but, whatever. Like I said, he eats EVERYTHING. He licked that beater like a pro!
We're having fun... but can't wait for Patrick to come home tomorrow.  We miss him.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sleeping Beauty

On the road after taking Pauline home Sunday, we stopped at Burger King. When given a crown, Lauren asked: "How did you know I was a princess?" So precious.

And about 8 minutes after the first picture was taken... there was another site to behold...
A weekend with a favorite cousin can sure wear out a little girl... even a princess. Note the crayon clutched in her hand... she sure loves to color, but just... couldn't... finish...

Beth's Special Backpack

On a walk

Monday, October 6, 2008

Sleepover Weekend!

We had Pauline for the weekend while Debbie's campaign ramps up. The girls are getting good at playing together, and Trevor follows Pauline around like a puppy.