Monday, June 15, 2009

Cute kid archive

Trevor's first ear of corn. Sometimes we set up a folding table in the yard for dinner, 'cause it's just so nice to be outside. I think we all enjoy it.
Upon discovering his ability to perform this daring feat--Trevor pointed at daddy's pocket and said, "Chee". He wanted his picture taken. Our kids are both hams... but adorable ones at least.
Again with the 'Chee'. He loves to swing, but doesn't want to be pushed. If you try to push the swing, he'll gesture at you to move your hand while saying, "No, no, no". Little man wants to do it all by himself.
Dude LOVES water. We used to only bathe him every other night... but lately it's been a daily occurance. We also have to change his clothes significantly more frequently. He loves to help in the garden, and will actually water the plants if they're pointed out to him. But, inevitably he will douse himself.
Lauren is doing amazingly well. She can read just about any of the books on her bookshelf, and it's not just from memory. But, when she gets tired, mommy or daddy have to take over. She's continuing to be the best big sister, and really enjoys playing the piano. Probably have to get her some lessons sometime soon...
Trevor discovers windy slides. They are a big hit.
These kids sure love to splash in that little pool. We got them a small fountain sprinkler over the weekend, and they love it.

With this one Trevor kept saying 'mommy, mommy, mommy' and waving Patrick away when he tried to take Trevor's picture. So I leaned in with him and we got his little smile... I guess he really wanted daddy to take a picture of him with mommy.

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