Saturday, April 26, 2008

Thursday at Nana and Papa's

For the last 4 Thursdays, Lauren has had a Zoo Kids class at the Columbus Zoo (redesigned new website). It's a 3-hour drop-off class, so Trevor and I go to Nana and Papa's while she's there. This was the last week of the class. Lauren loved it, maybe we'll sign up for another session. Here are some random pictures and a video from this Thursday.

This video is too funny. Trevor's starting to take some direction and play simple games. i.e. he's turning into a real person. (everybody knows infants aren't really people, they're alien pod creatures)

Papa and grandson share a moment on the couch.

My little Buckeye!

Lauren started losing teeth today! Which is a true statement when you replace "losing teeth" with "putting raisins on her teeth to trick her people". I tell ya, she's a funny kid.


MacBensen said...

We completely fell for it! Good one Lauren.

Phone Goddess said...

Hi guys! Trevors video with grandparents is cute, however, to me it's an indescribably beautiful moment that I am happy to have been able to spy into. Sweet sweet love goin' on there. Did you see it?

Thanks to the film crew, actors and director. :)