Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas in the Time of Cholera

...or something like that. These are to be the enduring memories of Christmas 2008, because, for the first time we can ever remember, we were all sick on Christmas. Luckily Santa braved the bugs and climbed down our chimney to bring a little joy to the girls and boys. Don't believe me? Take a look at the Christmas Joy on Lauren's face as she waits with her bucket to come downstairs! Witness the Christmas Spirit invading Beth as she prays on the couch! And behold the advanced state of meditation Patrick has achieved on the floor! And check out Trevor, he's uh, actually Trevor's pretty happy. He didn't get sick until Saturday. Just in time to foil plans for his birthday! Yay!


Rachel.Perrone said...

Is it wrong that the look on her face in that top photo cracks me up? She looks so bitter about her situation.

Michael said...

So very, very right.

Carey said...

What wonderful Christmas memories! These pictures are classic. ESPECIALLY Lauren on the stairs.