Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Guest Author, my dad

Yes, Kathryn and I are proud of daughter Debbie Phillips, who took her oath of office two weeks ago as a newbie member of the Ohio House of Representatives, (92nd District, Athens, Morgan Meigs and half of Washington counties).

Recently, during the absence of the Speaker of the House and the Speaker Pro Tempore, Debbie presided over a very brief session of the Ohio House of Representatives. Her role was to gavel the few members present into session, entertain a report that there was no business to conduct, and then call the roll on a motion to adjourn.

Still, she looks pretty “in charge” to us, and we thought we’d share this photo with you too.

After all, you helped her get there, either through financial and/or moral support, or just by being part of the same gene pool!

Thank you for helping her grow!

Mike and Kathryn Lorz

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