Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indianapolis trip

After Lauren's "graduation", we drove to Indianapolis for a mini-vacation. We spent the night of my birthday downtown at St. Elmos's restaurant, consistently rated one of the top steak joints in the country. 14oz NY Strip and a shot of Lagavulin 18year scotch, neat. Patrick = in heaven. We followed it up with a carriage ride through downtown Indy, pulled by an undersized horse with a big heart named Rocky Balboa. I've never done that before, and it was a perfect night. The guy even let Lauren climb up and take the reins. Classy move.

Thursday was spent at the Indianapolis Children's museum. I've been to children's museums before, but this place was the best. Hands down, 10/10 rating from the Long family. If you're within driving distance and have kids under 15 I highly recommend it.

We followed that by going to the Zoo on Friday, and we caught the dolphin show. I love love love dolphin shows! Unfortunately, since Sea World left the Cleveland area there is no longer any dolphins in Ohio So that was a treat.

Here are a couple of snapshots from the trip:

CLICK HERE to watch the slideshow. Only the good pix made the cut!

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