Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let's play ball!

Papa, Lauren and Patrick went to the 'Coop today for a noon game. Our hometown heros were not victorious, but much fun was had by all...

ADD from patrick: The scariest part of the day was in the seventh inning. We were sitting there talking to one another and not paying attention to the game. I look up and a line-drive foul ball is screaming right at these old guys in the row below us. I thought they would get knocked out, at least. They don't react at all until the ball goes by right at head level through THE EMPTY SEAT BETWEEN THEM. How awesome is that? Those dudes would've been in the hospital. The ball banged harmlessly off the seat just to the left of us. Talk about an OMG moment!

Trevor is 5 months old today! He can roll both ways, is an eating machine, loves to laugh and smile at the antics of Lauren and really enjoys trying to stand while someone holds his hands. He is a mad bouncer in his bouncy-swing and likes to try and put everything he's holding into his mouth. We suspect teeth are on their way, but nothing has cut through yet.

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