Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yes, I know we're slacking on the photo up-loading. Sorry... let's see--Patrick's band went on a road trip to PA--he came home with a new bass. It's lovely.
Lauren had adventures with grandparents, including a Saturday trip to Nelsonville to see cousin Pauline's dance recital, and a Sunday viewing of 'Horton Hears a Who'. Trevor and I took naps in her absence... We were all very happy to see Patrick return.

Trevor visited Children's Hospital again yesterday, for an ultrasound on his hips. Our pediatrician had thought there might be something weird, as the little creases on the backs of his chunky thighs didn't line up quite right... but we had a call this morning from the office indicating that everything was normal. So, guess he just wasn't wanting to stretch out that day. He did a great job during the exam... no fussing, no fighting the tech. He's a cool cat.

He also tried rice cereal on Sunday, and has had a little the last few nights at dinner... he grabs my hands and pulls the spoon into his mouth. I think that's a good sign... though there is little doubt he likes to eat.

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