Monday, September 22, 2008

Catch Up!

Where to start...?

1) Our camera is broken. The wise Patrick bought a warrenty for it though, so it's getting either repaired or replaced, but it will take FOREVER. So, look for phoney photos for the next while.

2) The power was out for many days. The family tagged along to a conference in Toledo, and it should be noted that the four of us do not sleep well in the same room. Trevor likes it DARK. Lauren likes a night-light. Trevor is a light sleeper. Lauren can fall asleep, and stay asleep with a screaming baby in the room. Patrick is creative in that he built a little pillow / comforter chaise lounge in the little foyer of the room where he could read while waiting for Trevor to fall asleep. Some hotels have tvs that can be programmed to act as your alarm clock--so even though I made sure the alarm clock wasn't set for some obscene hour--the tv turned on at 6:30. What?

3) The Toledo Zoo has cool things like hippos, giraffes, seals and polar bears... according to the family. All things the Columbus Zoo doesn't have right now. Also had a playground, and a trainride through Africa. This is what the family did while I was conferencing...
4) The power is back on, thank goodness. I think we finally finished raking and bundling downed branches... living in a community called Forest Park lends to lots of yard work after a wind storm.

5) Lauren had her 4-year old appointment last week. She's 97th percentile in weight, off the charts in height, and incredibly intelligent. She took her shots like a pro this time too! When Patrick told me of the appt, he indicated that they asked insulting questions... something like this: what color shirt is daddy wearing? (red) can you draw a circle? Um.... she beats me out right in tic-tac-toe often. And Connect 4.

6) Trevor has his 9 month appt. soon, so we'll update you then. But, he claps, he crawls (really, really fast), and he's yet to find a food he doesn't like. We joke about how we flick food to him like a monkey at the zoo... but it's kinda like we're feeding a monkey at the zoo.

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