Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My First Day of (pre)School

Today I went to preschool at the YMCA. It was lots of fun. It was like a whole lot of fun wrapped into one ball. We played a game together with Lindsay and lots of other kids. The way the game works and the rules are: When Mrs. Hayes (my teacher) passes the ball to me, I tell her my name and my favorite color. I made a new friend and her name is Lindsay. I played lots of games with her and lots of things with her, but, I didn't come home with her. Because, you know, I didn't live with her. I live with my father and my mother and my little baby brother Trevor. And I love all of them.

(as told to daddy, with little to no editing)


Phone Goddess said...

No doubt Lauren was the BRAVEST preschooler there! Impressive. I need to get me some "Lauren" attitude going on!

Geoff & Wendy said...

I adore this post. Look at her poses! What a great kid!Cute outfit too! Way to go Lauren!

MacBensen said...

Go Lauren!