Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mega-Post pt.II

Lauren, Hannah, and Reagan in Lauren's new little pool.

Hannah likes the slide.

Reagan loves our little playhouse. She kept getting out of the pool and wandering over and playing in it. Lauren was only too happy to play along.


Michael said...

Did you do the assembly on that thing? Putting together ours was one of my least favorite few hours. I'm guessing those guys never realized drilling through two layers of high density poly isn't easy with no guide holes--not to mention the times when you're drilling on an angle.

Yeah I'm still bitter.

Patrick said...

I was lucky enough to buy these secondhand and pre-assembled. There's a tower-thing too that has a slide. $50 for both. I win.

Also, Mike, do you have a blog? I see your comments with the Blogger B, so...