Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mega-Post pt.III

The pretty mommy and her lil 'un

Trevor and Papa

Trevor can fly, for reals

Maybe he'll be a drummer? Please god, no.

German Village was underwater on Friday. Our band practice space is wet enough that we're trying to find a new one.


Michael said...

Wow, last pic is insane. You take that yourself?

Patrick said...

No, my drummer Jacob took it as he was wading back to our practice space. Hopefully, it's all dry for band practice tonight.

Patrick said...

here are some more shots: (copy and paste links)

(photos by strummy)

Anonymous said...

Patrick, you've outdone yourself- I wish I kew how to put something like this together-I certainly have the time. God has certainly gifted you with a special talent as well aws a wonderful sense of humor.
Love, Skip & Diana