Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So, most mornings I'm awake before the rest of the family. I make breakfast, pack my lunch, read the paper, and head upstairs when I hear Trevor sounds.... and this morning was no different. But, when I opened the door--this is what I saw!

Oh my gosh... he pulled himself up! The last few days he has gleefully popped up on his feet (think downward dog yoga pose), pushing with his arms off of whatever is handy... a box, sister, a chair... and today, he pulled himself up. He can crawl up a few stairs, and his crawling skills improve daily. Sunday he was desparately trying to figure out how to crawl while holding onto a ball... too funny, 'cause it wasn't working.

So, after a great lull in posting, here's a whole bunch. Last night Patrick noted that we've already made more posts in August, than we did in July. Oh well...

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Patrick said...

Well, we were summering and not computering in July, right? Makes us sound less humdrum.