Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trevor's First Bike Ride

We had a dinner picnic in our new backyard (now featuring 100% more swingset) and I said "I wish Trevor could ride in our bikeseat so we could ride to Dairy Queen for some soft serve". And Beth thought about it and said "Let's do it!".



Rachel said...

Where'd you find a bike helmet? We've been waiting because I can't find a helmet recommended for babies under 12 months.

Looks like he's having a blast! I can't wait to get one for Joe.

Patrick said...

Well, none of them are recommended for babies under 12 months. we just kinda went for it. Our thought was "But he's so big! And strong! And he'll have his sister right there to hold him."

It worked out OK. The helmet didn't fit perfectly, but close enough. Helmets usually come with big and small interior pads, and you can replace them as your kid grows. Check it out.

Patrick said...

Oh yeah, I don't recommend you do this to your child, it's dangerous, only use bicycle safety equipment in the manner prescribed in the user manual, this photo is actually of children in a bike seat, and not of them actually in motion on Ohio's Roadways. Ha Ha! Of course we wouldn't do that!

My lawyer advised me to say all that stuff. Carry on.