Sunday, August 24, 2008


Lauren got this little sand/water table for her birthday last year... she's been playing with it a lot lately, but I don't think Trevor had discovered it until today.  I don't know which he enjoyed more, splashing in the water, or eating fistfuls of sand.  About 20 minutes later, the wind picked up--meaning it blew our big yard umbrella (stand is in background) into the neighbors garden, blew the baby pool (empty) and Lauren's little tent across the yard.  Lauren kept shrieking and running around trying to hold everything down.  We got it all put away before the rain came, and the neighbor handed the umbrella back over the fence.  

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Rachel said...

How funny, I've been eyeing sand and water tables for Joe, too. Can't decide if I should get one, the other, or both. I couldn't fit a water/sand like your on the balcony, but I could get two separate tables out there. Right now I'm leaning towards 1) sand or 2) both.

I remember the first day I took Joe to the playground with the sand. I was watching him so carefully... then, of course I look away for one moment, look back, and there's sand on his lips. Damn it. Oh well. :)