Monday, March 10, 2008

Blizzard 08 Video Post

So the word on the street is that this wasn't an actual blizzard because it didn't have "three hours of constant winds or gusts up to 35mph with visibility of a quarter-mile or less from blowing snow". [Columbus Dispatch]


We were there, and that snow was INTENSE. It snowed for like 40 hours straight. There's a shot of me in the video standing in snow up to the top of my thigh.That, my friends, is a boatload of snow. Certainly the most Beth and I can remember in the last 10 years.

It was actually pretty fun. Tonight = snowman/snowfort/snowball time!

Here is a bonus picture of our cars in the driveway. Note the massive snowdrift by the back door of my car.


MacBensen said...

"That blizzard is really cold"

Rebecca Phone Goddess said...

You make awesome video shorts!