Monday, March 10, 2008

Hockey Goal in Reverse Video Post

Matt and Dan and I went to the Blue Jackets game last night. I happened to catch Zherdev's game-winner on video. (hint, he's the one at the top of the screen, putting away his slapshot and then calling for the puck in reverse).

Things to look out for in this video: the cannon in reverse (sweet!), and the striking contrast in crowd noise. Sorry about picture/sound quality, it's from my cellphone, and the editing software ate it to bits trying to reverse it. Maybe someday I'll have a phone that can take 7MP pictures and 640x480 30fps video. Probably next week the way technology is speeding up...

*edit* They later credited this goal to Jason Chimera. Must've rebounded or something. Hockey happens pretty fast sometimes, even if you're the one with the video review in your hand!

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