Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Two Month Check

Visited the doctor today, I'm 9.5 weeks old. I weigh 14 lbs. 14 ozs, and am 2 feet tall! That's the 90th% for weight and the 70th % for height. I had five shots, and nearly broke the light bulbs with my shrieking. My big sister didn't want to hear me cry (aka she hates loud noises), so she left the room to wait in the lobby with daddy. But that's ok, I'm over it now. (as divined by mommy)

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Francie said...

Wow! Good growing! At her last Doctor visit(little sickly last week)Lucy was approximately 3.5 months old and 13 pounds 13 ounces with both clothing and diaper. She had a head start but Trevor has officially overtaken her!